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Icelandic Fish & Chips
Meal in a Bag

Welcome to our unique, healthy version of the world famous “fish & chips” meal, formulated for active, health conscious adventurers. Especially appealing for camping, hiking, hunting, boating, biking, or for anyone on the go who needs to carry a lightweight burst of protein and healthy carbs.

Our snack is a mix of freshly “dried not fried” fish fillets and handmade potato chips in a 3.5 ounce bag. Each bag includes 1 ounce of dried fish from the sustainable fisheries of Iceland, and 2.5 ounces of real potato chips grown in Iceland. A perfect ready to eat “grab & go” meal!

Food drying is one of the oldest and safest methods of preserving food. In Iceland we have enjoyed the health benefits of eating dried fish for centuries. It is one of our best known health “secrets” and one of the reasons people in Iceland live a long and healthy life.

It takes 5.6 ounces of fresh cod fillets to make 1 ounce of dried fish. Our fish includes all the natural proteins but no water, no deep-frying oil, no preservatives and no color. It is just pure fish! At 84% protein, it is a true superfood! The 1 ounce of dried fish provides your body with pure, natural protein.

Potatoes have been an integral part of the world’s food supply for thousands of years. They are a good source of energy, are high in vitamins, potassium, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and resistant starch which may improve blood sugar control, digestive health, nutrient absorption and satiety. And they are quite perfect with fish!

Our fish and chips come in two flavors: Salt & Pepper and Salt & Vinegar. They are perfect as a quick meal and are ideal for an action packed day-trip. They’re also great with your favorite beverage!

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Salt & Pepper
Salt & Vinegar

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